Mina's Move Up Method

Real Estate has always interested me. But I didn’t have any sales experience. I have had lots of consulting experiences. This consulting experience was very helpful in these years.

Since 2006, I’ve helped families in Toronto move up to their desired home with less hassle.

If you and your loved ones are experiencing a lack of space, want to upgrade for a better investment, aren’t happy with your current neighbourhood or current school zone… you’re not alone. A lot of my clients have been experiencing these issues.

I help you achieve your goals with my unique 5-step method that gets your family into the home you need for the next stage in your life.

If you don’t have enough time, don’t worry. Previewing is part of my services. After I know your needs and wants, I will pre-screen the properties for you to show you the ones that match with your list.

I have a very simple philosophy – if you’re working, so am I, which means your concerns and needs are going to be listened to and solutions are found. This is so you have less stress and receive better results.

I’ve now been working with families for many years, and I love it. As a parent myself – and as someone who almost quit real Estate because I was struggling to handle parenting and having a demanding job – I know how precious your time with your family is.

You don’t need to find a new home to be stressful or confusing. You already run around the city for pick-ups and drop-offs, bringing the kids to activities, etc.

My passion is helping to create a solution that works for your family so that we can find you that dream home without adding a bunch of items onto your to-do list.

I understand how you feel because I have been there too. You don’t need to feel that way. 

To help families like you, I have developed a PROVEN 5 step method called “Mina’s Move Up Method.”

When we work together, using this step by step process for moving you to your next home, here is what happens:

You go from a blurry plan to move to your next house to a clear roadmap of what your new lifestyle is going to be and what kind of property will best support that

You’ll identify your TOP priorities on your next home. Together, we’ll visit those properties so you can make an informed decision without the overwhelm.

We assemble a team that will work together to make sure every single question you have will be answered.

You’ll finally go from the DREAM to the REALITY of upgrading your home.

If you’re selling click here to learn more about the process and how to ensure your property sells quickly and for the highest price possible.

If you’re buying click here to discover how to find your next dream home and get it, without overpaying.

I’m the Real Estate Broker who specializes in this local market – and has a reputation for putting you, the client, first. Any time you want information on the market or are ready to buy or sell a property – contact me. There’s no obligation.

I’m looking forward to learning more about your needs and goals.

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